Public Meeting #3

DRAFT Report from Public Meeting #3 Available

This report describes the overall event, the activities undertaken with participants, and discusses the input received regarding performance measures and potential roadway width alternatives that should be studied further.

     Overview and Analysis Report  (~ 5.9 MB)
     Full Appendix (44 MB):  
             Appendix A - Input Received (not at tables, but on easel pads, comment cards, etc.)
             Appendix B - Event Input Transcribed and Organized
             Appendix C - Table Materials and Input
             Appendix D - Event Display Boards

Event Photo Album (~ 4 MB)


Event Information
The third meeting held during the Planning & Design Phase was on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at the Sabar Shrine Hall, 450 S. Tucson Blvd., from 6-8:30 p.m.  (invitation)    More than 200 people attended the event.

The meeting was held to:

  • Introduce the Broadway Citizens Task Force (CTF) to the community
  • Learn about the project progress and schedule, and
  • Discuss, provide input and ideas in small groups on:
    • priorities for performance measures
    • preferences for street width alternatives
    • tradeoffs the community is willing to accept on performance and design
    • general comments about the project


Meeting Agenda: The following illustrates the format of the meeting.  Where available, links to presentations or other materials are provided.

5:45-6:20 pm
Welcome and Sign-in
    Handout / Agenda
6:20-6:30 pm


Welcome / Brief Project Overview
    Powerpoint Slides
6:30-6:40 pm


Broadway Citizens Task Force Introductions

6:40-8:20 pm


Project Update Presentation, Small Group Activities 
   Powerpoint Slides
Activities Materials

Exercise 1:  Pick Top 4 Performance Measures as a Group

Exercise 2:  Select Top 3 Street Width Alternatives as a Group

  • Street Width Alternatives Table and Performance Measure rankings
  • Individual Alternatives (removed from an envelope - had corresponding acetate strips to lay upon aerial map):
        4+T SATA - 70' ROW
        4+T SATA - 80' ROW
        4A - 98' ROW
        4B - 114' ROW
        4+TA - 124' ROW
        4+TB - 152' ROW
        6A - 120' ROW
        6B - 152' ROW
        6+TA - 146' ROW
        6+TB - 154' ROW

Exercise 3:  Prepare Report Outs to the Larger Group

8:20-8:45 pm
Small Group Report Outs
8:45 pm Closing Comments / Adjourn