Public Meeting #4

Public Meeting #4
Thursday, June 12, 2014
5-8pm;  6pm Presentation/Introductions by Citizens Task Force members
Sabbar Shrine Hall, 450 S. Tucson Blvd.


DRAFT Report Now Available - 

         Appendices (LARGE FILE - 147 MB)

Event Information:

The community was invited to participate in the fourth public meeting for the Broadway: Euclid to Country Club Roadway Improvements Project.  The format was Open-House style, with displays at 6 stations in chronological order, telling the timeline story of the last 24 months of the project. 

Input Collection

The participating public had multiple ways to provide input during the event - written comments on easel pads stationed throughout the meeting space, individual comment cards turned in, and comment forms turned in at the event.  These are currently being compiled by the project team into a draft report, which will be shared with the Task Force for their next meeting (July 17, 2014).

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Event Program - 11x17 folded handout providing the evening's agenda, infographic "timeline" highlighting the project's milestones, and a list of the Ctiizens Task Force members.

Comment Form - Distributed to incoming event goers.

Comment Card - Standard comment card available at all meetings.



Citizens Task Force (CTF) Presentations

6 pm Welcome/Introductions







Continuously looping presentation of Task Force members' responses to:

Question 1.   What in the process (thus far) has stood out for you?

Question 2.   What was a pivotal moment/a game changer for you?

Question 3.   What are the most current pressing issues for you? Your stakeholders?

Question 4.   What do you hope to gain from this open house?

Question 5.   Anything else you would like to share?

7:30 pm Closing Remarks/Thank You's


Station Displays

Station 1 - Project Initiation and Overview

  1. What is Broadway Boulevard, Euclid to Country Club Project
  2. Planning & Design Schedule / Public Input Process Overview
  3. CTF members and their representation
  4. Project team members


Station 2 - Citizens Task Force's Draft Vision & Goals, Developed with Input from Public Meetings #1 and #2, and Performance Measures

  1. Stakeholder Feedback from Public Meeting #2 (Feb. 28, 2013)
  2. Other stakeholder perspectives
  3. Refined Vision & Goals
  4. Performance Measures


Station 3 - Initial Design Concepts Developed & Applicable Performance Measures Refined

  1. Designing & Assessing the design concepts, Public Meeting #3 Feedback


Station 4 - Initial Street Design Alternatives / CTF Intensive Meetings Results (Feb-March, 2014)

  1. Overview of the Intensive Meetings
    • Initial 6+2T and 4-Lane Alternatives - Drawings and Assessments
    • CTF Design Meetings (Charrette #3 Meetings)
    • CTF Decisions
  2. Sidewalk Only Improvements


Station 5 - Where We Are in the Process Currently:  Refined Street Design Alternatives and Assessments / Exploring Variations of Roadway Alignment / Obtain Input from Open House Participants

  1. Alignment Drawings, with CTF requested refinements and exploration of initial variations
  2. Example Bus Station Studies, at Broadway/Campbell Intersection
  3. Example of Incremental Transit Improvements (for 6/4+2T Hybrid)
  4. Summary of Alternatives' Performances and Assessments for Key Considerations
           Detailed Performance Results Handout
  5. Funding Viability - An issue highlighted in recent months is that of what funding constraints on the roadway designs exist.  Given the amount of information recently developed, the City has a clearer perspective on what those are.  These were not as clear prior to having developed current data.


Station 6 - Next Steps

  1. Where we go from here