Downtown Links: Interstate 10 to Church Avenue Roadway Improvements


This is the Second Phase of the Overall Downtown Links Project. 

This purpose of this project is to reconstruct and widen St. Mary’s Road/6th Street from I-10 to Church Avenue. As a part of the reconstruction, pedestrian facilities will be upgraded with new concrete sidewalks and access ramps along with a new signalized pedestrian/bicycle crossing just east of Davis Street.  Bicycle travel will be accommodated by new 6’ bike lanes in both directions.

The existing pavement will be replaced with new rubberized asphalt paving to provide a smoother, quieter, and safer ride. Drainage improvements consist of new storm drains and catch basins. This project also includes a new traffic signal at the intersection of St. Mary’s Road/6th Street and Granada Avenue. Street lighting for driver safety and neighborhood security will be installed as well.

Lastly, the project will have landscaping elements that incorporate sustainable practices like water harvesting and the recycling of existing concrete.


Location Graphic


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