Houghton Road Corridor

Welcome to the Houghton Road Corridor Improvements official website

As one of the official corridor projects approved by the voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), we have been working hard to make this project a reality. This project will bring numerous improvements to the Houghton Corridor from Interstate 10 to Tanque Verde.

(Information about Pima County's Tanque Verde Road Project is available here: Tanque Verde Road Improvements: Catalina Highway to Houghton Road)

We are moving forward with additional projects on the implementation list as follows:

  • The design for the Houghton Road Bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad project is 100 percent complete. Construction begin in March 2017.
  • Design for Houghton Road from 22nd Street to Irvington Road began in fall 2016 and is anticipated to take 18 to 24 months.
  • Design for Houghton Road from Valencia Road to Mary Ann Cleveland Way is currently in progress.


We are looking forward to providing you with a new desert parkway that includes:

  1. Six-lane roadway south of Speedway Boulevard (three lanes in each direction), Four lanes north of Speedway
  2. Improved access control, including landscape medians with water harvesting
  3. Improved intersections with new signalization
  4. Bike lanes
  5. Sidewalks on both sides of the roadway
  6. Bus pullouts and transit options
  7. Rubberized asphalt for sound mitigation
  8. Improved drainage and all-weather crossings
  9. Landscaping that maintains the scenic corridor and utilizes water harvesting and native plants
  10. Wildlife-sensitive design
  11. Public Art
  12. Multi-use path along the east side of the corridor


To date we have:

  1. Developed Conceptual Design and Plans for the entire corridor from Interstate 10 to Tanque Verde Road.
  2. Divided the corridor into 9 projects for implementation.  We are working with the RTA to keep the corridor improvements moving, and will update this plan as new information becomes available.
  3. Completed construction of the Houghton and Old Vail/Mary Ann Cleveland Way Intersection Improvements.
  4. Completed construction of Houghton Road improvements from Irvington Road to Valencia Road. The project began construction in October 2012 and was completed in May 2014, on schedule and under budget.
  5. Completed construction of the Houghton and Broadway Intersection, then continued south through the 22nd Street intersection. Construction began in early 2015 and was completed on schedule in September 2016.