Liberty Bicycle Boulevard

Liberty Bicycle Boulevard has been awarded a federal Transportation Enhancement grant in the amount of $749,968.  The boundaries of this project stretch from 43rd Street on the north to Los Reales on the south, almost 5 miles in length, traveling along Liberty and San Fernando Avenues.  Phase 2 of Liberty will extend the route from 43rd north into downtown via 8th Avenue and Convento, another two miles in length.  In addition, the Regional Transportation Authority awarded over $60,000 in funding to help with planning and design of the project.   Here's a link to the  Transportation Enhancement Grant Application.

The project is currently going through the Environmental Review process.

Liberty was also awarded a $400,000 Safe Routes to School Grant to build a mile of sidewalks near a cluster of schools and to install a HAWK beacon across 12th Avenue near Canada Street.  Here's a link to the Safe Routes Grant Application.