Tucson Boulevard, Prince to the Rillito River

PROPOSED WORK:  This project will incorporate installation of a six-foot wide asphalt walking path beginning at Prince Road and going north to the River Park entrance. Minor drainage improvements are part of this project as well as landscaping improvements. There will be a shared use bike lane, travel lane, along Tucson Boulevard.


April 2014 Update - The project has been suspended in order to have PCRWWRD completed prior to the path work. The project will be re-bid in July 2014.

February 2014 Update - The project is moving ahead and is currently in the Procurement process, being prepared for construction bidding.  Expected construction start in 2 - 3 months.  Once the contractor has been selected, there will be an Open House to introduce the project and the contractor to the neighborhood.

October 2014 Update - The project is currently out to bid with a due date no later than October 16, 2014.  The contractor will be selected shortly thereafter. It’s anticipated that construction will begin by late November. The City will be holding a neighborhood pre-construction open house prior to the start of construction to introduce the contractor and discuss aspects of the construction. Public Notices will be sent out with a meeting time and place. The construction duration is expected to be 90 days.

February 2015 Update -  The project is currently under construction and is approximately 40% complete. The completion date is March 28th, 2015. Upon completion of the construction phase the landscape sub-contractor (The Groundskeeper) will be maintaining and hand watering the landscape for a period of two years.

March 2015 Update -  Construction of the path shall be completed by March 30, 2015. The landscape establishment period shall hand water the plants for a period of two years.