Sale of City-Owned Property

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For more information, contact Ryan Tripp at (520) 837-6715 or Dave Koss at (520) 837-6716.

[This Page Last Updated On 5/15/2017]

Broadway Properties:

  • Maderas Building:

    1535 East Broadway Boulevard contains a building that will be impacted by the construction of the road project.

    This property is being offered to provide interested parties a means of salvaging all or a part of the building. This is an open call for proposals. All proposals shall detail how the building will be salvaged and reused. Proposals shall also include a preliminary site plan showing the general site plan requirements.   A surety bond may be required to insure the building is properly salvaged and removed from the project area.  Any future reconstruction/demolition of the existing building would require City permits and approval from City Planning and Development Services.

    The goals for this are twofold: 1) preserve this building that would otherwise be demolished while providing business opportunities on the corridor 2) satisfy project needs while maintaining the project’s financial integrity. On point #2, the sale price for the property shall be calculated as follows: City’s purchase price less, a) the value of the area needed for the project and, b) the estimated cost of demolition. Please contact Gena Cox-Dorman in the City Real Estate Division at 520-837-6719 or by e-mail at for more information.

Proposals for this redevelopment opportunity will be accepted through June 9, 2017.  If no proposals have been submitted to the City by that date, demolition of the building will proceed.  The public will have an opportunity to work with the City through its demolition contractor to salvage building materials identified prior to demolition.

Broadway Improvement Project (Euclid to Country Club) Website

Broadway Improvement Project (Euclid to Country Club) 60% Design


Improved Properties:

Vacant Land:

  • RP 2098 [Bid Package Link]  *Two Adjacent R-3 Zoned Lots For Sale - Available - Daily Bid Openings - All Offers Will Be Considered* 1321 S 11th Ave - Zoned R-3 (.35 Acres) Minimum bid $22,500.00 Lots can be purchased separately for $15,000 each.

           RP 2098 Additional Material added 11/3/14: RP2098 PDSD Response

Sold / Closed

RP 3165/3175  *Sold - Closed*  Kino & 22nd Street North East Corner  1.05 Acres

RP 3183  *Sold - Closed*   Kino & 22nd Street  South East Corner

RP 2270  *Sold - Closed*  Northeast Corner El Rio Drive and Aztec Ave

RP 1494, 1876 & 1877 *Sold - Closed* West side of South Houghton Road, between East Irvington Road to the North and East Valencia Road to the South

RP 149 *Sold - Closed*  7901 E Scarlett Street

RP 3182   *Sold - Closed*  SEC Kino & 22nd Street (North Portion)

RP 1768   *Sold - Closed*  931 W 21St Street

RP 1902 & 2663 *Sold - Closed * 1331 S 11th Ave

RP 3120 North * Sold - Closed * NEC 21st Street & Warren Avenue

RP 808 *Sold - Closed* 802 W Idaho Street

RP 1639 *Sold - Closed* Kino, Winsett & Pace Court

RP 1810 *Sold - Closed* 4365 N Stanley Place

RP 1982 *Sold - Closed* 1237 E Grant Road

RP 1828  *Sold - Closed* Campbell & 14th Street

RP 2583/2584 *Sold - Closed* 1406 S Curtis Av (2 lots)

RP 1793/1794 *Sold - Closed* Warehouse Av & Curtis Av

RP 1959 Norma Lane  *Sold - Closed* 4268 N Stone Av (Norma Lane)

RP 2663 Block 5  *Sold - Closed* I-10 Frontage Rd, north of 22nd St

RP 3185 - 244 W Grant Road  *Sold - Closed* 3 Commercial Buildings - Zoned C-2

RP 2663 Block 3 *Sold - Closed* I-10 Frontage Rd, north of 18th St

RP 2612   *Sold - Closed* 1st Ave and Irvington Rd

RP 3186 *Sold - Closed* Southwest Corner Grant Road & 10th Ave

RP 3221 *Sold - Closed* Kino & 22nd Street - South West Corner 1.65 Acres

RP 2879 *Sold - Closed* 1240 E 16th Street

RP 266  *Sold - Closed* Southeast Corner 14th Street & Santa Rita Ave

RP 2742 *Sold - Closed* Dorothy Lane

RP 1809 *Sold - Closed* 4366 N Stanley Place

RP 140    *Sold - Closed* Near Campbell & 18th Street

Silverlake & Fairland Surplus right of way - *Sold - Closed*

Mable Avenue Surplus right of way - *Sold - Closed*