Real Estate Sections

The Appraisal section begins the process of acquisition, disposition, or management projects by setting the value of the property that is to be purchased, sold, or managed. They may use appraisals completed by staff or outside contractors. From the Appraisal Section, market valuation is passed to the appropriate section, where staff take the fair market value conclusion, and negotiate the purchase or disposition with the property owner or buyer. Negotiating the purchase or sale may involve creative alternatives for development, which are worked out between the property owner, the buyer, or seller and Negotiations staff. Find out about sales of City owned property here! Once a settlement is reached, a project passes to the Real Estate Services section, where staff perform the escrow work, which includes researching the status of title, preparation of the legal documents that transfer title, and coordinating the recordation of documents. If a lease-back to the property owner or tenant occurs, the Property Management Section is responsible. Property Management is also responsible for coordinating demolition and securing City acquired property. Other Staff responsibilities include:

  • Appraisal staff set the value for City-owned real property that is sold, exchanged, or leased.
  • Negotiations staff are responsible for the sale and exchange of City-owned real property, for historical and archeological assessments, for managing the City's business consultant, for coordinating condemnation activities and for managing all telecommunication uses of City property.
  • Real Estate Services staff are responsible for right-of-way acquisitions in rezoning, vacations of right-of-way, abandonment's and dedication of easements. Get the RES application form here! pdf
  • Special Projects is staffed by a Special Projects Coordinator who is in charge of the more sensitive projects, negotiating with representatives of all the different levels of government, and performing special acquisitions or sales for the Economic Development Office, Parks and Recreation, and the Community Services Department.
  • Property Management and GIS staff process lease applications for State Land easements and wireless communication facilities and administer leases, process applications for Rights of Entry, maintain the Real Property Database, administer Utility Service Agreements and Temporary Revocable Easements (TRE's) pdf, create maps, and anlyze data, administer a web based Graphical Information System, process GIS special project requests and monitor and track payments and collections for rental properties, TRE's pdf and sales contracts.
  • Administrative staff are responsible for tracking acquisition projects, arranging for historical and archeological assessments, and other administrative duties.

The Real Estate Division, through the joint efforts of the different sections, also prepares documentation to support legal proceedings for condemnation suits and serve as expert witnesses in trials. The Real Estate Division, through its property acquisition, disposition, and management programs, provides professional real estate services to the community.