Deferred Compensation

All permanent, benefit-eligible employees may participate in the City’s Deferred Compensation Plan administered by ICMA Retirement Corporation (ICMA-RC). Employees may join and make changes year-round.

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Deferred Comp brochure including Frequently Asked Questions 

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Investment Policy Statement

Funding Lineup as of 12/31/18

City of Tucson 457 Balance and Allocation.pdf

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Get to know your 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

457  - Deferred Compensation Enrollment Book

457 - Quick Enrollment Form

Saving for Retirement - Retirement planning for public sector employees

IRS Retirement Plan Contribution Limits 2017

*NEW* IRS Retirement Plan Contribution Limits 2018

ICMA-RC Retirement Education Center

Options Upon Separation

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For more information go to the ICMA-RC website or contact our local ICMA-RC representative:



Section 401(a) - Defined Contribution Program - Enrollment deadlines exist!

Beginning January 1, 2010, newly hired employees may elect to participate during their first 60 days of employment only.  Contact the Retirement office for information at 791-4598.

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