Deferred Compensation

All permanent, benefit-eligible employees may participate in the City’s Deferred Compensation Plan. Employees may join and make changes year-round. The Plan will be administered by Empower Retirement.

Empower Retirement Named New Service Provider

Empower Retirement Transition Bulletin

Empower Retirement New Fund Line UP

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Empower Retirement Transition FAQ


Deferred Compensation Plan Management Board

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RFP Information

City of Tucson Recordkeeper RFP.pdf

Investment Policy Statement

Funding Lineup as of 12/31/18

City of Tucson 457 Balance and Allocation.pdf

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For more information go to the Empower-Retirement website or contact our local Empower representative:

Cory Sprott Cox

For more information regarding the Nationwide deferred compensation plan (only available to Fire Fighters) contact the local representative:

 Klark Krauter (520) 262-0348
(877) 677-3678