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If you were hired July 1, 2006 or later, your contribution rate will increase July 1, 2015:

Hire Date FY18 Contribution Rate FY19 Contribution Rate
Before 7/1/06 5.000% 5.00%
7/1/06 - 6/30/11 6.75% 6.75%
7/1/2011 - Present 5.25% 5.25%
  • Rates are variable and will likely change annually with payroll's beginning in the new fiscal year.
  • Employees hired prior to July 1, 2006 have no rate change.

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For most people, your pension may not be enough.  To help employees save for retirement, the City offers voluntary, tax-deferred Deferred Compensation.

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Please contact Benefits and ICMA-RC directly with heath insurance and/or deferred compensation questions.
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