The Sustainability Program works to advance the Office of Integrated Planning’s core priorities of: livability and resilience, fiscal stewardship, and good governance.
Livability and Resilience: A range of issues including the urban heat island effect, changing climate conditions, drought, and stormwater quality and localized flooding present challenges to preserving a high quality of life in Tucson and can result in increased costs for residents. 
The Sustainability Program helps the City address these challenges by working toward increased tree canopy within the community, a healthier urban forest, increased water harvesting, use of drought-tolerant landscaping, more energy conservation and efficiency, greater use of solar energy, and giving proactive attention to how rising temperatures and local drought impact human health, natural environment, built environment, and our local economy.  Programs/Projects in support of community Livability and Resilience:
Fiscal Stewardship: The Sustainability Program assists other City Departments in finding ways to reduce the City’s energy, water, and fuel costs, make greener purchases, and identifying and utilizing best management practices internally. Programs/Projects in support of community Fiscal Stewardship:
Good Governance: The Sustainability Program supports the Office of Integrated Planning’s efforts to implement Plan Tucson, improve internal processes, establish internal standards, and more effectively communicate with the public. Programs/Projects in support of community Good Governance: