Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Path

This project involves installing a 6’ wide pedestrian path along the east side of Columbus Boulevard. The path will start just north of 22nd Street, and end on the south side of Timrod Street. Funding for this project will be through a combination of Federal Transportation Enhancement Funds and Regional Transportation Authority.

A Public meeting was held on October 1, 2009, at Lineweaver Elementary School to present the preliminary concept. The concept located the path as close to the Right of Way line as possible and be constructed of stamped asphalt with color. Neighbors liked the preliminary concept but were concerned about pedestrian safety, parking and student drop-off.

Time Line of Project Progress

  • ADOT funding request was submitted by the City Of Tucson on November 25, 2015
  • Funding authorization from ADOT was received on December 30, 2015
  • Construction documents were sent to Procurement on April 5, 2016

Where do we go from here?
Procurement will complete the construction bid book and publish a bid call. We estimate this process to take about 45 days.  The contractors will be given 30 days to put their bids together and submit to Procurement. Once a qualified low bidder is established, the contract will be awarded and construction will begin. It is the City’s hope that the project will be built prior to the start of the next school year.

Update 10/24/17 – (ADDITIONAL DELAY) This project will be delayed again while Southwest Gas installs a new gas line that will be in conflict with our Pedestrian Path Project.  Once Southwest Gas has completed its work this project will precede.  We will update the construction notices to the public at that time. Estimated construction start date is now December 11, 2017.

Update 9/5/17 – (DELAY) This project will be delayed 6 to 8 weeks while Southwest Gas installs a new gas line that will be in conflict with our Pedestrian Path Project.  Once Southwest Gas has completed its work this project will proceed.  We will update the construction notices to the public at that time.

Update August 2017 - Southern Arizona Paving has been awarded the contract to construct the Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Path. A public meet is scheduled for September 14th at Lineweaver Elementary School at 6 PM. Construction is scheduled to begin on September 18th, 2017. Please let me know if you have questions. Gary Wittwer 837-6618

Update June 2017 -  After another setback with all of the contractors being disqualified, TDOT has again setup the project with Procurement to be bid on June 26th, 2017.  Once the bids are opened and the project is awarded the estimated construction star date would be in the middle to late July 2017.
A public preconstruction meeting will be held with the contractor prior to starting construction. Public notices will be sent out two weeks prior to construction starting.

Update May 2017 - The bids were opened on April 17, 2017.  Two of the bids were under the estimated cost. Unfortunately all of the bids were disqualified due to the contractors not following through with Federal required paper work. The project will have to be re-bid. This will cause another delay in the project. We now estimate that the construction will start in late summer 2017.

Update March 2017 - ADOT has approved the funding authorization and the project was sent to Procurement in the middle of March. Procurement will put the project out to bid starting March 21 and the Bids will be opened on April 17, 2017. It is estimated that construction will start toward the end of April or the first of May. A public preconstruction meeting with the contractor will be set up prior to starting construction. Public notices will be sent out around the end of April.

Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Path Construction Plans April 2017 (PDF)

Update January 2017 - There has been a substantial delay in this project due to a funding shortage. Additional funds have been obtained and the project is back on track. We are currently looking at a May or June 2017 construction start date. Prior to construction there will be a public pre-construction meeting. You will receive a notice in the mail of the meeting date, time and location. The meeting will provide a construction schedule and introduce the contractor.

Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Path Construction Plans (PDF)

Update October 2016 - TDOT has hit a very large delay with this project. The funding request for the re-design of the 60% has just recently been approved by ADOT, but the contract approval from procurement is still on hold. We hope that the contract will be awarded within the next few weeks. Once that happens I will update again with a design schedule.

Update September 2, 2016 - As you know the bids for the project came in too high, approximately $80,000 over budget. TDOT is pursuing two avenues to get the project back on track. First of all and our most favorable solution is for TDOT to secure additional funding. We are also looking at possible ways to cut the cost of the project.  Cutting cost include value Engineering of the path cross section and removing the stamping of the asphalt. The coloring of the asphalt has been identified as an alternate item if the budget permits. These changes would of course need to be approved by the public prior to proceeding. This design solution has been sent to ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) to evaluate and respond. We are currently in a holding pattern until one of the solutions has been approved.

Update July 1, 2016 - Construction bids for the Columbus Corridor Pedestrian Path were opened on June 22, 2016.  There were three bids submitted, but all bids were higher than the project budget. TDOT and ADOT have reviewed the bids and determined that the bid will be cancelled. TDOT and ADOT are working together to determine the best approach to getting the project built. This will cause a delay in construction. Once we have a clear path as to the solution, TDOT will update the WEB page with that information and a new schedule will be available.

Update May 27, 2016 - The construction documents have been sent out to bid. The bids will be opened on June 22. If there is a qualified bidder within budget the project should start construction in July.

Update January 17,2018 - The General Contractor (Southern Arizona Paving) is scheduled to pave the path on Monday and Tuesday – January 22nd and 23rd.  NOTICE: for those who live adjacent to the path - there will be a short period of time (20-30 minutes) immediately after the asphalt is laid down when you will not be able to drive over the path. The contractor will let you know when it will be O.K. to exit your property.
Thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Gary Wittwer - Project Manager 837-6618