Floodplain Administration

City of Tucson Flood and Erosion Hazard Mitigation Projects (Being Updated)



 Project Status


Existing Conditions & Alternatives Reports completed. Alamo Wash report is being finalized this summer. Letter of Map Revision has been processed and information regarding flood limit changes have been mailed to affected residents. The adoption of this watershed management plan will go to Mayor & Council in winter 2020.

Arroyo Chico

Tucson Arroyo - Arroyo Chico Phase 2B Increment 3 -  is nearing completion of design. High School Wash improvements will be completed as part of the Downtown Links Construction project. Work should begin August 2020.


El Con detention project identified as a key project. Feasibility study for potential projects in this watershed will begin soon with FEMA grant funding.


Ruthrauff Basin Management Plan Approved by Mayor & Council Oct. 24, 2017. One of the approved alternative projects is underway near the Gardner Lane area.




Santa Cruz




Flowing Wells



El Rio Golf Flood Mitigation Project - detention facilities are complete. Golf course sod repair in progress.


Lower Santa Cruz River master planning underway. Silvercroft Watershed is being assessed for the Lower Santa Cruz master plan (by Pima County Regional Flood Control District). Floodwall for TEP substation feasibility study underway by FEMA, through a grant.


Pima County Regional Flood Control District is studying Wilson Wash , Navajo Wash, and Bronx Wash on behalf of the City of Tucson.




Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and Updated Floodplain Ordinance

The City of Tucson is updating the 2016 Mayor and Council adopted Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and Floodplain Ordinance. A new Tucson Levee Manual has also been created. Five committee meetings have been held this year. Two public meetings were held virtually to summarize the proposed changes. Recorded Public Meetings are provided below. Public is asked to provide comments for the documents by October 1, 2020. Re-adoption is expected this Fall 2020 at the upcoming Mayor & Council date on November 4, 2020. See final drafts of documents here:

Monday, August 17 at 5:30 p.m. 


Tuesday, August 18 at Noon  

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