Glenn Street Neighborhood Improvement Project

The intent of this project is to provide an ADA accessible walkway on the north side of Glenn Street from Columbus Blvd to Country Club Road.  Construction will include access ramps at corners where they do not exist and a 4 or 5-foot wide sidewalk. The project will include water harvesting, where space is available on the street. The roadway lane markings will be obliterated and new striping will provide 12-foot wide travel lanes in both directions and a 6-foot wide bike lane on both sides of the road.

Update September 2017 - The 90% plans have been reviewed and sent back to the Engineering Consultant to proceed to the 100% drawing. Plans have been sent to the utility companies and review comments have been received.  There are utility conflicts that must be worked out. The 100% drawing are expected to be submitted to the City in November 2017.  Once all of the utility clearances and the Right of Way clearance have been received, the City will then submit a funding request to Arizona Department of Transportation.  We expect this to occur in early 2018 and are projecting construction late in 2018.

Project Update: February 2017
In November 2016, TDOT’s Engineering Consultant resumed work on the project and held two meetings with the grant writers to review the direction of the project. The 60 percent design  plans were submitted to TDOT on February 13, 2017. The next step is a design review that will occur over the next two months through several City departments and utility companies. Following the design review, TDOT will hold a public meeting to present the 60 percent design plans for public input. This meeting will be held in May 2017. At this time, TDOT estimates improvement project will begin in late 2018.

Project Update: May 2016
The new and improved concept, which includes the original neighborhood ideas for a pedestrian walkway, water harvesting, and 5-foot bike lanes, required a reevaluation due to the existing underground and overhead utilities. The relocation of the existing utilities to accommodate the re-design required some time to coordinate.  We are now ready to move forward with the revised scope of work for this project. The project design consultant, Kimley Horn and Associates, will be under contract by the end of May, to complete final design.

Moving forward, we will include neighborhood input during development of the 60% plans, and a public meeting will be held to present those plans prior to proceeding.  We expect to hold the public meeting in the fall of 2016.