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Please join us for the 2nd annual Moving Tucson Summit on Friday, May 6, 2022. Moving Tucson is the place where we all connect as a community. Our goals for the Summit are to educate and inform; inspire by showing what is possible; and to get the community excited about the work we are doing in moving people. Together we can improve mobility and safety.  

The Summit is a one day, virtual event, organized by the City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility, who aims to create a space for the community to come together to discuss transportation services, safety improvements, urban planning, public space, and transit. It brings together industry experts from around the country, public officials, technical staff, community partners, and most importantly the general public, to elevate our efforts on what it takes to build a community that allows everyone to thrive, regardless of your zip code. We will highlight local, community-based organizations who are doing work around transportation and mobility as well as get the community inspired by what other communities are doing. Panel discussions will introduce new perspectives, lessons learned, and tangible actions that we can take to address the issues that matter most to the community at this moment. At Moving Tucson we are committed to centering conversations around equity and that means moving everyone regardless of their backgrounds and means of transportation, which is why we welcome every Tucson resident to participate in the Summit. Together we can transform Tucson! 




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Opening Remarks - Mayor Regina Romero & Keynote Speaker, Ivis Garcia Zembrana, PhD

Session 1 "At the Intersection of Safety and Mobility: Adaptations for Great Places and Streets"

Cafecito/Coffee Break Featuring Tucson Norte-Sur Community Ambassadors

Session 2 "More than Just Two Wheels: How Coalition Building and E-Bike Policies are Changing Cycling Spaces"

Session 3 "Defining Equity form the Ground Up: Community-Led Decisions on Transit, Housing and Development"

Post-Summit Recap



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