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The intent of the NTMP program is to protect neighborhoods and neighborhood quality of life through traffic management and control strategies.

  • To protect existing neighborhood environments, cohesion, and integrity through traffic management.
  • To promote safe and comfortable travel in neighborhoods for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorized vehicles.
  • To achieve an efficient, effective, and safe movement of traffic within neighborhoods (including emergency vehicles) consistent with the intended function of the neighborhood street.
  • To provide acceptable levels of accessibility for local traffic, minimize unwanted traffic, discourage excessive speeds, and encourage opportunities for alternate modes of travel, all in recognition of the quality of life and the specific objectives of the neighborhood or area plan.
  • To maintain acceptable levels of service on the City's arterials so as to avoid intrusion/diversion onto neighborhood collectors and local streets.

Policy Implementation Process:


* Note: Speed humps and Neighborhood signs can be completed entirely online by clicking the indicated links above. Brochures can also be requested online through a separate link indicated above.

  • Neighborhood contacts NTMP to request a petition (and packet) for a traffic mitigation plan for their street or neighborhood (520) 791-4259
  • A petition with original signatures (no copies) is mailed or delivered to our NTMP office
  • A petition is verified and when petition meets the requirement
  • NTMP proceeds with agency approval for requested mitigation
  • NTMP notifies petitioner whether the plan is approved and/or if there are any changes to the mitigation plan
  • Neighborhood pays for the mitigation plan or traffic study through neighborhood donations
  • Neighborhood hires a contractor - mitigation plan is constructed

NOTE: Submitting a petition to NTMP does not guarantee that the requested traffic mitigation will be approved and installed.  Requested traffic mitigation could be modified or rejected by any of the city agencies for various reasons; for example, if the petitioned street(s) have a history of flooding, drainage issues, issues regarding emergency or other city vehicle access, the location of sewer or manhole covers, etc. 


Contact the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) :
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