City of Tucson Seeks Public Input on ADA Transition Plan with Website and Online Survey

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) has been working on an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Inventory and Transition Plan since 2014, collecting data on the existing condition of Tucson streets and sidewalks relative to ADA compliance based on proposed ADA standards from 2011. TDOT is also developing a priority ranking system. The public is being asked to rank locations as well as indicate concerns at existing locations.

Stakeholder input is an important part of the development of the plan.  TDOT held a series of six stakeholder meetings during the month of March which included a presentation and ways for stakeholders to provide input. There are now two additional ways the public is being asked to provide input: The first is a new, interactive online tool at where the public is able to zoom in on an area of concern, grab a pin from the top of the page that represents the type of concern, drag the pin to the place on the map that they feel needs improvement and add comments as to how the needed improvement impacts travel.  The online tool also allows users to read other comments or add a photo. The second tool available for input is a survey with the same questions regarding location and priority that can be filled out at: The survey has been tested and is ADA accessible for document readers. You can also pick-up printed copies of the survey at any of the six ward offices:

Ward 1 office - 940 W. Alameda Street

Ward 2 office - 7575 E. Speedway

Ward 3 office - 1510 E. Grant Road

Ward 4 office - 8123 E. Poinciana Dr.

Ward 5 office - 4300 S. Park Avenue

Ward 6 office - 3202 E. First Street

If you are unable to use one of these tools to provide input, there is a public meeting planned for May 2017.

For more information, please contact Jesse Soto, at 520-791-4259 or