Parking Meter Convenience Fee Suspended for Mobile App Payments Suspended During COVID-19

The 25-cent convenience fee charged to users of the City of Tucson’s GoTucson Parking mobile app when they purchase time at parking meters in the Downtown, 4th Avenue, and Main Gate/University areas will be waived through May 31, 2020.

Park Tucson staff has been sanitizing all parking meters daily since mid-March to protect parking customers, but now customers have a no-touch, no-fee payment option at the parking meters. Effective immediately, parking customers will pay only for the parking time; they will not be charged the 25-cent convenience fee that has been in effect since the GoTucson Parking app was launched in January 2015. For those parking in the Downtown, 4th Avenue, and Main Gate areas during this time, it is a perfect opportunity to get in the habit of paying for on-street parking through the mobile app, which offers several convenient features.

The app:
• can be downloaded for free at iOS and Android app stores • sends the user on-screen alerts when their paid time is almost up, allowing them to remotely extend their time, up to the legal time limit
• allows regular users to set up a “prepaid wallet” that lets them deposit funds to draw down with each parking visit, saving them from having to charge their own debit or credit card for each transaction
• allows customers seeking to purchase or renew annual or monthly parking permits to do so from the convenience of their smartphone
• provides an easy way to pay fines for parking citations

Once the customer has downloaded the app, they should look for the decal on the side of the meter, indicating the zone and space number needed to complete the transaction. Customers without a smartphone may access mobile payment via, or call (520) 441-3752.