Special Sale for the Historic Stone Avenue Underpass Pump House

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation & Mobility is announcing a special sale for the historic Stone Avenue Underpass Pump House.  We will take in offers starting immediately through to July 1, 2021, by midnight. 

Built in 1936, the pump house and underpass are part of a National Register of Historic Places multiple-property submission for vehicular bridges in Arizona, and also a contributing element to the Warehouse Historic District. The Downtown Links project will preserve the underpass in place, but the pump house must be removed to make room for the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge. 

NOTE:  The underpass will not be delisted as a result of the structure’s removal. A public hearing before Mayor and Council will occur at the August 4, 2021 meeting to approve the removal or demolition of the structure.  ***If there are no qualified buyers, the structure will be demolished.**

The City is willing to sell the structure as a ‘bill of sale’ to a serious buyer who will pay all the costs to relocate and reinstall the structure shell elsewhere, currently estimated to be $30,000-$60,000. 

The schedule for Downtown Links requires the structure be moved by mid-September, and in coordination with the project team because it is still an active pump house.

A flyer is attached with more details on how to submit your offer.  Please feel welcome to send it out to any listservs you have.

For more information, please contact Jennifer.Toothaker@tucsonaz.gov