Traffic Signal Improvements - Various Locations

Crews from Next Generation Electrical, under contract with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), will work on the following days at the listed intersection locations to replace traffic signal heads with upgraded signals to accommodate flashing yellow left turn arrows.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 – 22nd Street/Wilmot Road intersection
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 – Romero Road/Prince Road intersection
Thursday, May 30, 2019 – River Road/Oracle Road intersection

Work at the intersections will take place from about 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Tucson Police officers will direct travel through the intersections until the work is complete. The traveling public can expect delays when driving in these work areas. Please obey all traffic control signs and watch for police officers and construction personnel in the area.

TDOT is upgrading intersections throughout the community with flashing yellow left turn arrows to improve safety. Research has indicated that left turn collisions are reduced with flashing yellow arrows. The conversion to flashing yellow arrows also provides operational flexibility; during certain times of the day, left turns can be prohibited unless there is a green arrow. Also, when pedestrians want to cross parallel to traffic, left turning traffic can be stopped with a red arrow until the pedestrian has safely crossed the intersection.

During a flashing left turn arrow, motorists should yield to oncoming motorists and bicyclists, yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk and proceed with caution when turning left.