Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and Floodplain and Erosion Hazard Ordinance Update

Draft City of Tucson Floodplain Ordinance Update and Draft City of Tucson Floodplain Management Plan

City of Tucson is proposing revisions to Floodplain and Erosion Hazard Area regulations of Tucson Code, Chapter 26, Article I, to reflect updates as guided by the Arizona Department of Water Resources, the State agency assigned with oversight of the floodplain management / flood control per Title 48, Chapter 21 of Arizona Revised Statutes. City of Tucson is also developing a Floodplain Management Plan as an update to the Tucson Stormwater Management Study. To read and comment on either of the proposed two drafts, see website: tucsonaz.gov/pdsd/floodplain-information

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Leibold, Civil Engineer, Transportation Department, at (520) 837-4934.