Tucson Mayor and Council Approve Resurfacing Additional Roadways and Neighborhoods in Bond Program

Following a public hearing Tuesday night, the Tucson Mayor and Council unanimously approved adding 45 major roadways to the voter-approved Bond Program – Road Recovery. The vote will also add about four different neighborhood areas to the resurfacing program and also includes pavement preservation work on roadways that have been recently repaved.

A favorable bidding environment, high original estimates and lower petroleum prices created excess capacity of approximately $40 million in the Road Recovery Bond Program. The 11-member Bond Oversight Commission last month recommended the Mayor and Council approve the additional roadway segments beyond the original commitment that voters approved on November 2012. The $100 million, five-year bond program is in its second year.

From the additional budget capacity, approximately $37 million will be earmarked for the arterial roadway system, of which approximately $4.5 million will be allocated to pavement preservation, and $3 million will go to the residential program.

Since the start of the Road Recovery Program in July 2013, 31 major roadway segments have been either reconstructed or repaved, totaling approximately 80 center line miles. Four different areas of residential streets have also been improved.

Work is currently taking place in four different residential areas and on 22nd Street between Swan Road and Wilmot Road. Over the next two months, 13 additional major roadways throughout the City of Tucson will be milled and paved or reconstructed. 

More information on the Road Recovery Program can be found at https://www.tucsonaz.gov/street-bonds or by calling (520) 837-6686.