Obtain Copy of Permit with Plan(s)

As of July 1, 2011 all new Traffic Control Permits that require a Traffic Plan(s) were entered into the PRO (Property Research Online) Advance Search database, which make these documents retrievable online. Some permits existing prior to July 1, 2011 have been added but the whole document may not be accessible and will need to contact Traffic Engineering at 791-4259 for those copies. Permits that do not require a plan are not retrievable online at this time.

Please use the following link to retrieve copy of a Traffic Control Permit:


To search for permit, use the Enter Activity Number box to enter permit number (i.e.: T12TC#####) and then select the Search icon. Once the permit is accessed, use the Associated Documents and Plans icon to retrieve copy. Another window will open displaying a list of scanned files. Select View File to retrieve and view copies of document(s).