Pima Pedestrian Path

This project has been completed. 

This project is located on the north side of Pima Street between Alvernon and Columbus. The project will create curbed medians along the frontage road with sidewalks, enhanced ADA bus stops, with landscaping and water harvesting.

Update September 2017- Construction of the Pima Pedestrian Path was completed in December 2016. The Landscape Establishment period is for two years and will end December 2018. The Landscape Contractor is hand-watering the plants, weeding and removing trash. In April 2017 some of the plant materials were replaced, the summer rains have helped to promote some good growth, but we still lost a few plant. We will be working with the neighborhood and the contractor to replace dead or missing plants again in late October 2017.

Update October 2016 - Construction of the Pima Pedestrian Path project was awarded to Pima Paving Inc in September and is currently under construction. The contactor is a little ahead of schedule at this time.  The contractor expects to be complete with all of the concrete curbs, a majority of the asphalt patch adjacent to the curb, and all of the sidewalks except for some of the ADA access ramps within the next two weeks.. The street will also be restriped and a majority of the traffic control elements will be going away. The landscape portion of the project will begin in about two to three weeks.