Professional Landscape Architects

A. City of Tucson Road Project
There are (3) Active Practice Guidelines that must be followed for all City of Tucson Road Project:

  1. The Landscape Design APG
  2. Native Vegetation APG
  3. Green Street APG  

B. Commercial Property Landscaping

C. Private Improvement Agreement (PIA)

  1. See Commercial Property Landscaping Information
  2. Private irrigation lines under public Roadways. This is an issue for many projects that have Common Areas (CA’s) . If you need to put private irrigation lines under the new public road then you must follow these requirements:
  • Private irrigation facilities roadway crossings will only be permitted in residential roadways and NOT permitted in arterial or collector roadways.
  • Lateral lines under constant pressure shall not be permitted in the public rights-of-way.
  • The HOA will register private irrigation facilities placed in the public rights-of-way with Arizona 811and become an Arizona 811 Blue Stake Inc. member.
  • Minimize the number of roadway crossings.
  • Sleeves must be in a recorded easement (easement width is dependent on what is needed for installation and/or repairs). To the extent possible, the easements should be created at the time of development/platting.
  • Irrigation lines shall be placed in ductile iron sleeves.
  • HDPE continuous line (no joints under the pavement)
  • Irrigation lines shall have a minimum of eighteen (30) inches of cover.
  • Detectable marking tape shall be installed.
  • Curb shall be marked/stamped with “IS” (Irrigation System) and/or placard at back of curb.
  • Irrigation sleeve should extend beyond the ROW (into private property), unless otherwise approved by TDOT.

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