Speedway Boulevard: Camino Seco to Houghton Road

This project has been completed. 

Speedway Boulevard will be widened from Camino Seco to Houghton Road to provide two through lanes in each direction with a 20-ft wide center landscaped median. Concrete curbs, new rubberized asphalt paving, six-foot wide sidewalks, bike lanes, and frontage roads will be provided from end to end and promote alternative modes of transportation.

The improved roadway will include:

  • Storm drains, catch basins and reinforced concrete box culvert crossings to control flooding and provide all weather crossing capability
  • New traffic signals at Harrison Road and Houghton Road
  • Signalized pedestrian crossings are planned at Schrader Lane and Igo Way
  • Street lighting for driver safety and neighborhood security
  • Landscaping
  • Public art

The contractor is NAC Construction Company. The work will take approximately 24 months to complete. Funding for this project is by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). The contract amount is $13.9 million.

What to Expect

First Phase

The first phase of construction will include underground utility modifications and storm drain construction. Relocation of the overhead wires and power poles will be done during this phase. The traffic signal at Harrison Road will be modified during this phase to improve traffic circulation for the neighborhood during construction. This phase will take approximately nine months to complete.

Second Phase

Work during the second phase will include reconstruction of the north half of the road, between Camino Seco and Bonanza Avenue. This work will take approximately four months to complete.

Third Phase

The third phase will consist of constructing the south half of Speedway Boulevard from Camino Seco to Houghton Road. Street lighting, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossing signals will be installed during this phase. This work will take approximately six months to complete.

Fourth Phase

The remainder of Speedway Boulevard will be constructed during this phase. The landscaping, public art, and final paving will be completed during this time. This work will take approximately five months to complete.