Streets & Traffic Maintenance

The Streets & Traffic Maintenance Division is tasked with maintaining the City streets.

Call 911 for dangerous street or pedestrian emergencies

  • Dangerous obstructions in roadways
  • Traffic or pedestrian signal malfunction
  • Traffic control signs missing or damaged

High priorities

Phone: (520) 791-3154 or (520) 791-3191. After normal working hours or on weekends, call Communications at (520) 791-4144. Communications will then call out repair crews for high priority items.

  • Traffic visibility problems resulting from trees or shrubs blocking the view of oncoming traffic
  • Damaged pavement markings: Striping, Crosswalks, or Legends
  • Median island problems such as overflowing water or damaged landscaping
  • Flooding in washes or in roadways

Normal priorities

Phone: (520) 791-3154, Fax: (520) 791-3189 or Email:

  • Pothole Repairs
  • Paved Surface maintenance
  • Dirt road maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Removal of non-dangerous items from roadways or rights-of-way
  • Alley grading
  • Tree limbs overhanging to streets or sidewalks
  • Trees and shrubbery in median islands
  • Drainage & wash maintenance (not flooding)
  • Speed hump maintenance
  • Repair of missing or damaged street names signs or other informational signs (not traffic control signs)
  • Reports of street light problems (not traffic signal malfunctions)

Operation Splash

Flowing washes are dangerous.

30-second PSA on Operation Splash.

Chasque aquí para un 30 segundo aviso del servicio público en Operation Splash.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful

Tucson Clean & Beautiful, a nonprofit organization, conducts environmental volunteer programs in waste reduction and recycling, land stewardship, urban forestry, and beautification. Trees for Tucson is a program of Tucson Clean & Beautiful.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful coordinates the Adopt-a-Park & Public Areas volunteer program which includes Adopt-a-Street and Adopt-a-Wash projects in cooperation with the Transportation Department (Streets & Traffic Maintenance Division). Many locations within the City of Tucson are available for community group adoption. Call (520) 791-3109 or email for more information.