City Surveyors

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The Surveyors within the City of Tucson Department of Transportation are state-of-the-art equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Total Stations/Data Collectors, Digital Levels, and laptop computers in the field. Survey project focus centers around the Department Capital Improvement Program, providing valuable service in all disciplines of surveying. Services are extended to the Real Estate Division and other City Departments as requested.

The City Surveyors have an established database of all past survey projects grouped by Township, Range, and Section. This database is referred to as SURVLOG. It is an Access database and can be downloaded by choosing this "Download SURVLOG" link currently under construction. The surveyors are also about 1/3 complete with scanning all field books gathered over 70 years. This data is provided via the Internet through the MapGuide platform available on the Surveyor's Map from the TDOT Map Center. Once zoomed to your location, choose the "Recorded Surveys and Recorded Data" layer and double click on the map. Fill out the Township, Range and Section information and the search will return the Records of Surveys and Field Books available. Or, you may search directly here.

The City Surveyors are responsible for establishing a system of elevation control points throughout the City, known as Bench Circuits. Additionally, in concert with the Pima County Surveyors, the City maintains an elaborate network of geodetic control points that were established by GPS. This data is also available via the Surveyor's Map from the TDOT Map Center.

The City Surveyor also maintains 2 continuously operating reference stations (CORS) (COT1, COT2), which broadcasts station data as well as downloads station data for post processing. Information regarding this station should be directed the the City Surveyor at (520) 791-5100. Some of this data is available via the Surveyor's Map from the TDOT Map Center, or through the NGS website for this station.

For more information and links to Surveying sites, go to the Survey Zone page.