Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and Updated Floodplain Ordinance

Adopted documents:

   • Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and Flood Risk Map
   • Floodplain Ordinance changes

Floodplain Management Plan (FMP) Committee met during 2015 in five committee meetings, as an update to the Tucson Stormwater Management System (TSMS).  This phase 5 of TSMS sets a course for City of Tucson floodplain and erosion hazard management, by having assessed and identified our current FMP goals, and by having prioritized the floodplain management actionable measures specific to our community today.  The City of Tucson will be, thereby, guided in floodplain management decisions, as new floodplain management projects and tasks are activated.  Once adopted, this FMP also provides an opportunity to improve Tucson’s National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating, to reduce flood insurance rates for Tucson property owners, and most importantly, to reduce the risk to life and property associated with flooding, erosion and other flood-related hazards.

The Floodplain Ordinance update is part of our National Flood Insurance Program Community responsibilities.  Ordinance changes were discussed with City of Tucson staff and other public and private sector Stakeholders in various venues, including an Open House March 7, 2016, and at the FMP Committee meetings.  Substantive changes to this code include new regulations for Critical Facility (supported by revised Presidential Executive Order 11988), Substantial Improvement / Damage regulatory changes that will benefit development, and changes to the ordinance to reflect the updated State of Arizona Floodplain Ordinance Model which contains the minimum requirements for the Arizona Revised Statutes and the Code of Federal Regulations.

The Flood Risk Map, Floodplain Management Plan, and Floodplain Ordinance Update do not directly change any flood insurance maps nor do they directly change the flood status of any property within the City of Tucson.

More information on the Tucson Floodplain Management Plan and other FEMA Region IX Risk Map Projects http://www.r9map.org/Pages/ProjectDetailsPage.aspx?choLoco=69&choProj=492

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