Water Harvesting - Commercial and Residential

A. Commercial Properties

Non required PDSD water harvesting may be incorporated within the ROW under the following conditions:

  • Water depth is less than 8”
  • Water does not cross over the public sidewalk
  • Water does not stand longer than 24 hours
  • ​Plans are submitted and approved by TDOT Stormwater

B. Residential 

  1. Two types of passive water harvesting may be developed by residents within the public ROW:
    1. Swales (areas excavated to a depth of not more than 8” to collect water that runs off the adjacent property)
    2. Curb Opening and water harvesting basins (Curb cuts or core drills that allow street run off to enter the ROW between back of curb and the pedestrian sidewalk into basins). See standard basins details below.
  2. Projects must first be designed and submitted for review by TDOT Landscape Architect. (see sample submittal package)
  3. Curb cuts or core drills and water harvesting basins must obtain a TDOT permit.  (Type a. basins see item 1 above, should be reviewed by the City but will not require a permit).
  4. Curb cuts and core drill work must be done by a registered contractor.

Residential Water Harvesting Details

Landscape Architects Water Harvesting Details