Whose tree is it anyway?

There is always a lot of confusion about the ownership of trees in the public Right of Way.  Ownership is usually directly related to who planted it. If you or a previous property owner planted it – then it's your responsibility to maintain it. There are a couple of ways that will help identify tree ownership. The City of Tucson Transportation Department plants trees, shrubs, groundcover and accent plant materials on major roadway and in medians.  If you see trees up and down the roadway and irrigation then most likely this tree/vegetation belongs to the City. It is against the law to remove or damage these plants. It is also the City’s responsibility to maintain. If you are not sure, call the City’s Landscape Architect at 791-5100. Most trees on residential streets belong to and are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. (City Code Chapter 25)

What about volunteer plants?  (Those that come up from seed) 
If the plant is located in an area where the City maintains other landscaping then it is the City’s responsibility.  Everywhere else it belongs to the adjacent property owner and is their responsibility.