ADA Bus Stop Improvement Program

ADA Bus Stop Improvement Program

The ADA Bus Stop Improvement Program utilizes the ADA Bus Stop Accessibility Report and accessibility database for the Sun Tran fixed route system.  The database is regularly updated and continuously analyzed to identify existing infrastructure for possible improvements to be distributed evenly throughout the City.  Bus stops are prioritized for improvements based on community requests, user activity, and future planned projects.  Identified bus stops have improvements implemented specifically for ADA accessibility, connectivity to the pedestrian network, and improved use of the fixed route system. 

The goals and objectives of this program are: 

* Improve the number of ADA accessible bus stops and identify amenities (i.e. shade, shelters, lighting, etc.) desired for system users

* Improve pedestrian access and connectivity to the fixed-route bus system

* Improve mobility independence for transit users of all ages and abilities and remove environmental barriers for the disabled community

* Improve communication and coordination between transit officials and key personnel (e.g. project managers) who are responsible for planning, design, and construction of public works projects that affect bus stops.  This includes staff in various City departments as well as other local agencies who coordinate design review and construction administration.  City of Tucson, Department of Transportation (TDOT) Transit and Sun Tran staff continue to educate other officials on ADA needs at bus stops, and routinely review plans to ensure improvements are included.

ADA Bus Stop Accessibility Before and After Examples