Gray Water Harvesting Grant / Loan Program

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As part of an effort to improve outcomes for the program, as of July 1, 2023, customers applying for a rainwater harvesting or gray water harvesting rebate will be required to take an eligible workshop before installation of their system. If a system is installed before the customer takes a workshop, their rebate application will be denied. To review a list of upcoming courses, please visit our partner’s website who offer a variety of dates and class modalities.


Tucson Water and SERI (Sonora Environmental Research, Inc.) exiting Tucson Water website offer grant and loan programs for eligible families based on income. 

Qualifying participants will receive assistance for installing gray water irrigation systems in their homes and SERI will cover all the upfront cost of installation. Participants must meet all requirements to be eligible for the program:

  • Tucson Water account in good standing
  • Homeowner of a single-family dwelling
  • Renter of a single-family dwelling (with signed letter of agreement from landlord)
  • Attend a Gray Water Harvesting / Laundry-to-Landscape workshop
  • Property taxes paid


  • Families with an income equal to or less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) will receive a grant of up to $500.
  • Families with an income between 100% and 200% (FPL) will receive a grant of up to $300.

Loans are to help pay for the cost of the system and available for all qualifying families. Loans are up to $500 for 12 months a. If you obtain a loan, you must make a deposit (the higher amount will be applied) of $ 20.00 or 10% of its value.

*SERI will also help you apply for the Tucson Water Rebate of up to $1,000.

*Please note that a permit will be required to modify drainage plumbing/piping from any fixture. A permit will not be required to use a pre-existing gravity stub-out from the washing machine.


Contact SERI at 520-321-9488 or to apply and learn more about its free workshops exiting Tucson Water website.

2023 City of Tucson Water Conservation Program Low-Income Guidelines 
Persons in Household 100% Federal Poverty Level  200% Federal Poverty Level 
Annual Income Monthly Income Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $14,580 $1,215 $29,160 $2,430
2 $19,720 $1,643 $39,440 $3,287
3 $24,860 $2,072 $49,720 $4,143
4 $30,000 $2,500 $60,000 $5,000
5 $35,140 $2,928 $70,280 $5,857
6 $40,280 $3,357 $80,560 $6,713
7 $45,420 $4,213 $90,840 $7,570
8 $50,560 $4,213 $101,120 $8,427
Effective 1/13/2023 Add $5,140 for each additional person over 8

Add $10,280 for each additional person over 8