Athletic Field Closures

The Tucson Parks and Recreation department will be closing several of its athletic fields through the fall for turf maintenance and enhancements. The closures are necessary in order to give crews the opportunity to conduct annual maintenance on the fields by aerating, fertilizing, re-seeding, and giving the turf time to heal and grow in preparation for spring sports activities. City staff strives to provide the public and various user groups with the best sports fields possible.

“The weather in Tucson affords us the great opportunity to play sports year-round,” said Deputy Director Mike Hayes. “However, the heavy utilization of the limited number of athletic fields available results in the need to allow the fields to recover and rejuvenate during the fall months. Everyone is requested to observe the field closed signs and stay off the turf to assist with the success of the renovations.”

The department utilizes a Rain Out Hotline that residents can call to determine the status of all City maintained sports fields. This phone line, 520-837-8110, is updated by 3 p.m. Monday – Friday, every time there are field closures due to weather or any other unforeseen events. Sports field closure information also is posted on the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Sports Unit website, Facebook, and Twitter.

For more information regarding City-maintained sports fields, contact the Tucson Parks and Recreation Sports Unit at 520-791-4870 or For more information about Tucson Parks and Recreation, go to