City Seeks Volunteers for Complete Streets Coordinating Council

The City of Tucson is looking for volunteers to participate in the Complete Streets Coordinating Council, a new public committee that will help guide transportation investments over the next 25 years. The role of this committee will be to review transportation projects, ensure our streets are meeting the needs of everyone and help the City engage other members of the public about transportation matters.

The City of Tucson is looking for interested members of the public with a background in safety, accessibility for all abilities, equity, land use, environment, health and recreation, economic vitality and transportation and mobility as they relate to transportation. These members will be able to implement their background knowledge into the Complete Streets Program.

The Complete Streets Coordinating Council will be a 20-member City of Tucson Transportation Committee that will be representative of the City’s diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The Coordinating Council will meet monthly to provide oversight and guidance to the implementation of the City of Tucson’s Complete Streets program and development of a 25-year long-range transportation plan. Members will be expected to attend all meetings and actively participate in Coordinating Council activities, with a two-year term of service.

Applications are being accepted now through Friday, August 23 at 5 p.m. Those interested in being a member of the Coordinating Council can get further information and fill out an application at the link