Conversion Back to Renewable Water Supply System

Repairs to a 96” pipeline that delivers recovered Colorado River water from the Avra Valley aquifer have been completed. The second phase of work to bring the renewable water supply system back into service will start on Monday, December 3, 2018.

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) shuts down operations every November as part of a regular maintenance program for the CAP canal and pumping stations that deliver Colorado River to southern Arizona. This year, a segment of a 96” Tucson Water pipeline that delivers renewable water into Tucson was drained and inspected. Repairs were undertaken as needed to preserve the integrity of the pipe. 

Employees began the process of restoring the pipe back into service last week by cleaning and disinfecting the repaired segment of pipe. On Monday, December 3, crews will begin the process of converting from wells pumping groundwater from the regional aquifer to delivery of renewable Colorado River water extracted from wells located in Avra Valley.

Customers may notice sediments or air in their water as Tucson Water transitions back from the groundwater extraction system to the Colorado River water delivery system. Tucson Water crews will be flushing waterlines from fire hydrants to minimize any disturbance of sediments in pipes resulting from this changeover in water supply. Some areas of town may also experience temporary fluctuations in pressure during this process. Customers are asked to call 520-791-4133 if they experience any problems during this process.

More information can be found on the Water Outages and Advisories map on the Tucson Water website at