Envision Tucson Sustainability Festival

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival provides a popular annual event that brings together individuals, organizations, and companies in our community who are working to help us not just envision but also create a resilient future for Tucson and Southern Arizona.
Building Resilience by Building Community is the motto of the Festival. It brings together the two key components needed for sustainability in our desert Southwest, or indeed for the world. When we come together as a strong community, when we work together in the face of inevitable changes and challenges, we can build the resilience we will surely need and we can create a beautiful and rewarding life.
This family event is as much a community expo as it is a celebration of local and regional actions by organizations and companies promoting sustainability. Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival is your opportunity to share what’s happening already and to explore what each of us individually and all of us as a community can do heading into the future.

There will be exhibits, vendors, lots of intriguing demonstrations, creative arts opportunities, solar ovens and electric vehicles -- along with local food and great music -- and activities for all ages: See more details on the Festival Features page.

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival is taking place this year on Saturday, October 26, from 11 AM to 4 PM, in Armory Park, 221 S. 6th Avenue, in Downtown Tucson.

Armory Park is centrally located and easy to get to from all over Tucson.

Admission to the Festival is free.
Get Involved!
There’s plenty of opportunity to be part of the Festival Team. The Volunteer page on this website lists specific tasks and roles needed for pre-Festival planning and for the Festival day, October 26.

  • Do you have ideas for making the Festival exciting? Do you want to reach out to the community and get folks involved? Please join the Envision Planning Team!
  • At the Festival itself, volunteers are welcome -- and needed -- to help with set-up (starting at 8 am) and break-down, with logistics during the event, with exhibitor support, with demonstration and activities, and with arts activities and other opportunities for personal expression.
  • We would like to film demonstrations & activities, and collect plenty of pictures for Festival follow-up and for next year’s promotional materials. So if you are handy with a camera (still or video), let us know.

If you’re interested in volunteering, go to the Volunteer page on this website to fill out and submit the form there, or email Paula at paulasch@mindspring.com.