Fraudulent Scheme Advisory

From the Tucson Police Department Fraud Unit, 520 791 4481

There has been an increase in reported cases involving the following scheme:

The suspect (B/M) contacts an elderly victim by phone. The suspect tells the victim that he is conducting an investigation on the victim's bank for passing out counterfeit money. The suspect asks the victim to help with the investigation by going to the bank and withdrawing a large sum of money. The suspect then meets with the victim at a different location and takes the money. The suspect is very clear with the victim about no talking to the bank employees about why they are withdrawing the cash.

One report was made to PCSO, which happened off of Sunrise. The victim lost $25,000.

TPD report, the victim lost $10,000. In this case, the victim met the suspect at the Circle K at 22nd/Alvernon. Witnesses observed a transaction on Monday (4/29) between a black male and an elderly man. The black male took a stack of cash from the elderly man and ran.

The suspect is described as 6'2"/220 lbs, medium complexion, salt and pepper facial hair (beard). No vehicles have been seen associated with the subject.

Please contact TPD Fraud with any additional information.