Ofc. Isaac Rosario

One of the people killed in a severe wreck in Phoenix this weekend was TPD Officer Isaac Rosario. Chief Villaseñor sent this out on Saturday:
Today we lost one of our own. Officer Isaac Rosario, #100506, was in the Phoenix area with his two children, Christian his 10 year old son, and Alex his 7 year old daughter. They had been enjoying a fun day of paintball and family time and they were headed back home. While driving westbound on Grand Avenue in Glendale, the car occupied by Isaac and his daughter was hit head on by another vehicle headed eastbound at an excessively high speed. The other vehicle had struck two light poles, crossed over the median while airborne and landed head-on into Officer Rosario's vehicle. Officer Rosario was pronounced at the scene and his daughter was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital for treatment. Officer Rosario's son was in the vehicle behind his and witnessed the whole event. He was also taken to the Phoenix Children's Hospital to be there with the other members of the group. I happened to be in the Phoenix area with members of my family when I was notified. I immediately responded to Phoenix Children's Hospital and eventually the scene of the accident.
What I wanted to focus on in this post was the support and brother/sisterhood displayed at the scene and the hospital. Glendale Police Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Fire Department all sent crisis personnel to the hospital to assist our own Dr. Cornell who responded from Tucson. DPS intercepted Officer Rosario's ex-wife and the children's mother who was en route to Phoenix from Yuma and escorted her from Gila Bend into the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Officer Mike Miller responded to the hospital to be with family members there. The 100 Club of Arizona sent notification that they were on standby to assist in anyway possible. Yonkers Police Department was contacted to make notification to family members. The hospital went out of their way to make sure everything we needed was taken care of. Everyone was amazing.
Captain Chad Kasmar, Sergeant Jobe Dickinson from the Tucson Police Officer’s Association, and myself responded to the scene of the accident. Officer Rosario's body was in the OME van when we arrived. Officers at the scene rendered honors and we escorted Officer Rosario to the Office of the Medical Examiner. The attached photo shows some of Officer Rosario’s gear and personal affects next to his daughter’s stuffed monkey that were at the scene. I found it touching and humbling as a reminder of how intertwined our work and family lives are.
Everyone did everything possible to try and assist in this terrible tragedy. It gave me great pride to be part of a profession where we truly understand the meaning of family and the meaning of support. The next few days will be difficult, but by being there for each other, we will be able to get through it.
Please say a prayer for Officer Rosario's family tonight. Also remember to let your loved ones know how much you care for them. Today was a prime lesson that life can change in an instant, and we may not always have the opportunity later to tell them how we feel.