Paul's Note

The work continues at Jesse Owens Park. Although I have been touting the amount of public money I was able to secure from impact fees and service line warranty funds to put into the park, we had a couple of reminders that it isn’t just all about the money.

KB Homes and Sherwin Williams helped out by doing some painting at the park last Friday. KB Homes brought the volunteers and Sherwin Williams brought the paint. They painted the building on the southern end that groups like Pantano Little League use as a snack bar, along with nine picnic tables in nearby. I’d like to publicly thank them for helping out.

Also, at this week’s council meeting, we honored Corey Williams. Corey is a former U of A basketball player that lives in the neighborhood near Jesse Owens Park. I reached out to him as we were planning the improvements at the park and he was willing to donate to help. He donated $5000 for the court that will go to resurfacing it.

We will be reopening the pool there on July 1st.

In other parks news, Ft. Lowell park is hosting a pool party on July 11, 5 -7 pm. There will be lots of games, crafts, music, and snacks located outside the pool entrance, with a pool inflatable and water games going on in the pool.

These pool party events will be happening on different weekends and locations across the city. We want everyone to know that our pools are open and that everyone should get out and enjoy them. Here are the other dates, and just like at Ft. Lowell, the parties run from 5-7.

June 27 – Himmel Pool, 1000 N. Tucson Blvd.

July 5 – Menlo Pool, 1100 W. Fresno St.

July 11 – Fort Lowell Pool, 2900 N. Craycroft Road

July 18 – Quincie Douglas Pool, 1563 E. 36th St.

July 25 – Clements Pool, 8155 E. Poinciana Drive

Of course, Ft Lowell is one of the 18 city pools and 10 recreation centers for free this summer. Now through July 31, youth will pay no admission fee at 10 City of Tucson Parks and Recreation centers during open recreation hours. Due to other center programming, ages 12-17 are permitted after 2 p.m. and ages 7 and up are permitted after 6 p.m. A list of participating recreation centers can be found at

And speaking of Ft. Lowell, I have been talking to Pima County about partnering with them on some issues around the park, particularly when it comes to historical resources. I’ve heard from historical preservationists that the Donaldson House and the old Commissary might not survive another monsoon season. I’ll keep you up to date on what we will be doing for those sites and the park.

In the meantime, and it’s the biggest parks news this week, my colleagues and I approved referring a $225 million bond proposal to the voters that would go into parks improvement. This would be on the November 2018 ballot I worked with staff on putting together the Ward 2 list. I’ll give you details on what proposals affect Ward 2 and what the fiscal impact on the city is in the next newsletter.

As with all proposals like this: keep in mind that you have the final say on whether or not we go forward with this plan.