Paul's Note - August 19, 2022

Last week, I gave a mention of a couple of parks projects that are either recently completed or are pending in Ward 2 parks. I wanted to give you a complete rundown of all the parks projects in Ward 2. 

I need to note that I had one mistake in last week’s newsletter. I said that the splash pad at Udall Park was under construction. That project is complete and opened this summer. In fact, the Mayor and I cut the ribbon for it to open “Splash Pad Season.” 

In addition to these projects, there are others we are looking at. We are checking into sources of money other than Proposition 407 or the general fund, including private donations. 

We’ll start with Fort Lowell Park. We recently completed resurfacing work on the tennis courts along with work on the pool complex. That was funded through Proposition 407 bonds. Proposition 407 money will also go into upcoming projects that include modern LED lighting on the baseball fields (LED is more efficient and has less “light trespass” to the surrounding neighborhood) and a new splash pad and bath house at the pool. Impact fee money, which is from new development in the area, will also be used for the splash pad and bath house. 

Parks and Recreation completed two smaller projects at Case Park. Because of Case Park’s status as a “natural resource park,” most of the park remains undeveloped. Many larger projects that you see at similarly sized parks are not going to happen there. However, there are now improvements in a walking path as well as a shade structure over the playground. 

The shade structure came in under budget, which was true of many playground projects over the past couple of years. Parks and Recreation is, for reasons obvious to anyone who has filled the gas tank in their car recently, not anticipating these sorts of savings in the future. 

There is a new filtration system in the pool at Jesse Owens Park, which was also paid for by Proposition 407 funds. Expect to see a new splash pad soon, which will be paid for by impact fees, service line fees along with money from my office budget. 

Morris Udall Park has the aforementioned new splash pad. We also converted the rarely used tennis courts to the now constantly used pickleball courts. There is now a shade structure over the playground. These were also all Proposition 407 projects, with impact fees going to supplement the money for the splash pad. There is also a new shade structure over the pickleball courts, which was paid for by private donations. 

Proposition 407 paid for repairs to the pool at Palo Verde Park. Upcoming projects include conversion of tennis courts to pickleball, new lighting for sports fields and a cover for the basketball court. 

A greenway along Robb Wash near Speedway is still in design. This is being paid for by a developer in lieu of impact fees. 

We are almost done with Phase 1 of the Proposition 407 projects. Phase 2 is scheduled to start next year with projects in Harold Bell Wright Park and Villa Serena Park as well as further projects at Jesse Owens Park, Fort Lowell Park, Morris K Udall Center/Pool and Palo Verde Park.