Paul's Note - August 24, 2018

My staff and I have been getting ready for our ribbon cutting at Jesse Owens Park this weekend. As you know from last week’s newsletter, $2 million was spent on park improvements and we will be showcasing them on Saturday at 10 am at the playground at the west side of the park. Donna Williams Prather, Jesse Owens’s granddaughter, will be there and we will have refreshments available.

We’d like you all to be there.


Several law enforcement agencies have been doing lip-synch videos and these have gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. (TPD's video can be found here) My staff got an e-mail with concerns about police resources being spent on such things so we forwarded the note to Chief Magnus and this was his response.

•The video was done at little to no cost, largely using the PIOs' own personal equipment.  I actually favor purchasing some better departmental video equipment since videos like this that can be posted to the internet are one of our best ways to reach the public about department activities, crime prevention efforts, and for recruiting purposes.

•The video was made by one of our very creative PIOs, mostly on his own time, but yes, some of the segments were filmed on (minimal) work time.  I think it was a morale booster within the PD, a great relationship builder in the community (particularly among young people), and a good way to show the public we don't take ourselves too seriously--while still delivering ALL good messages within the video.

•Our small Public Information Officer team does not work "Patrol" and does not respond to calls for service, however they have a very challenging job dealing with the media and many other members of the public.  I am consistently impressed with how hard they work and their willingness to work long hours, often well past what they are assigned to, in order to get the job done.

•Videos like this are a great tool to help us attract more officers who want to work in a department where morale is good and their colleagues have a sense of humor. This was still professional , but it showed we also like to have a little fun--which I think is a great thing.

•The overwhelming majority of the feedback we have received has been HIGHLY POSITIVE.


All of you have a great weekend, and I hope I can see you at Jesse Owens Park.