Paul's Note - February 22, 2019

Our side of town isn’t known for having a lot of neighborhood associations, which are pretty common in other areas of the city. However, it’s been gratifying to see that a few new ones have been organized since I took office.

One is the Palo Verde Park Neighborhood Association (note that there is also a Palo Verde Neighborhood Association in midtown), which organized about three years ago. In that time, they’ve already put together events like movie nights at the park. In March, they will be putting on an event called Park Fest at Palo Verde Park, off Mann Avenue south of Broadway.

Although they’ve had small events at the park before, this will be the first Park Fest event with the Tucson community. Park Fest, similar to porch fests held in other neighborhoods, will be a celebration of music, food and connection. They are hoping to see neighbors and the larger community dancing in the park and coming together in a family-friendly, alcohol-free, leave-no-trace event at one of the city's friendliest parks.

The event will feature live music from local acts like the Gunrunners, Chuckwalla and Bunny Kirby. There will also, of course, be food trucks.

All of this will take place on March 24 from 3 – 6 pm at Palo Verde Park, 425 S Mann Avenue.


Another event will be coming up soon at one of our east side parks: the Super Sprint Triathalon.

This is the first time Parks and Recreation has hosted such an event, and it was an idea that came from a Parks employee, Michael Whetton. It will take place at Lincoln Park and the Clements Center, South of Escalante between Camino Seco and Pantano, on March 3rd.

The event starts with a 350 yard swim at Clements Pool, followed by a six-mile bike ride. The last event is a 1.5 mile run at Lincoln Park. It is non-competitive and a great opportunity for first timers.

There is still time to register. The cost will be $35 per person and the deadline to register is February 25th. Participants between 12 and 17 are allowed to register, but need a waiver from a parent or guardian. Visit for more information.


As this is going out, it’s snowing in Tucson. I’d like to remind you all to be very careful on the roads. Starting earlier this month, Department of Transportation has been spraying our bridges to prevent icing (you may have noticed the crews). Still, it is important to be cautious when driving on bridges.

If you haven’t done it already, make sure to take precautions with your pipes. Tucson Water has some advice available at

Enjoy our one day of snow.