Paul's Note - July 12, 2019

Two TV stations ran a story about a crosswalk on our side of town. I got some calls about it because it affected many of my constituents. There had been a marked crosswalk at Stella and Wilmot.

The area was repaved under the Proposition 409 program. At the time the repaving was done, there was a re-evaluation of the crosswalk and it was decided not to paint a new one. The decision from the traffic engineers that pedestrians are more careful at unmarked crosswalks than at marked ones. They have studies that show this as well. So, when the re-evaluation was done, the data from that particular intersection led them to decide not to paint a new crosswalk.

When the crosswalk went missing, some residents called the local TV news, and then I got the calls. Although the reporter in the story did her stand up from Stella and Wilmot and she identified her location as such, the graphics on screen said that she was at Wilmot and Golf Links. This led to some confusion. The repaving included Golf Links and Wilmot, but the crosswalks were repainted at that intersection. That is an intersection with a stop light and it is city policy, and a national standard, that such intersections always get crosswalks..

As for the Stella and Wilmot currently-unmarked crosswalk, there have been some changes in our traffic engineering office and some new willingness to revisit the decisions that that the city recently made about crosswalks. I’ve already chatted with transportation about this. I’ll keep you up to date on what the results of those decisions are, and, as always, don’t hesitate to call me.


I’d like to express my condolences to the family of Ron Ewing, who recently passed away. Ron was my appointment to the Environmental Services Advisory Committee. As you can tell by the title, membership on that committee required attention to detail and a great deal of knowledge. He excelled at it and every citizen of Tucson benefitted from his hard work.

Ron’s daughter was Nicole Ewing-Gavin, who served the city ably for years as an administrator. I’d like to send my best wishes to her as well.