Paul's Note - June 24, 2022

My office will be giving $20,000 to Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona.  CHRPA helps lower income residents with emergency home repairs as well as provides home modifications for people with disabilities. 

CHRPA started off in 1982 as a project by the local Mennonite community. They now serve 1,500 of our low income and disabled residents every year. 

The weather has made me think of the times I volunteered with CHRPA since many of the repairs that were needed were to swamp coolers. The work CHRPA is vital to keeping many of our residents safe. 

(By the way, CHRPA is always looking for volunteers of any skill level. Visit here to find out more.) 

CHRPA operates county wide, but I’ve asked that this money go to helping Ward 2 residents. I know that other council members are doing the same thing this year, and the city allocated money to CHRPA as well. 

There’s good news for those of you that are near Palo Verde Park. 

The Palo Verde Park Pool opens next Wednesday and will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon – 6 pm. 

The Ward 2 office has been open Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 2 pm, with limited hours on Friday. We are going to go to 9 am – 2 pm five days a week. We are also working with Tucson Water on getting the payment window staffed. 

We will be having a household hazardous waste collection at our complex on Saturday, July 9 from 8 am – noon. Follow the signs and there will be folks to help you. For a list of materials that can be dropped off, click here

The Pima County Attorney’s Victim Services Division is looking for volunteers to support, educate and empower victims of crime in either a court setting or on-scene with law enforcement. Training sessions will be held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings beginning September 6, 2022 for six weeks. 

The training session will be held August 23, 6 to 8 pm. For more information on location, please call (520) 724-5525.