Paul's Note - June 28, 2019

Many of you know about our household hazardous waste drop off we have at the east side complex on the first Saturday. That normally means we’d be due for one next Saturday (July 6th). Unfortunately, because of the July 4th holiday, the Environmental Services Department was not able to get the volunteers that normally staff the drop off.

When they scaled back the “remote site” drop-offs many years ago, I made sure that ours stayed open because this is a useful service for Ward 2 residents. I know that many of you plan your garage and tool shed clean-ups around the HHW drop-offs, so I’d like to apologize on behalf of our Environmental Services Department for the short notice.

I have been assured that drop-offs will resume in August, so be ready to bring your household hazardous waste by on August 3rd.


My staff has gotten calls about the work on East Broadway. The project, if you remember, was slated to start in the last phase of the Regional Transportation Authority’s voter approved ten-year plan, but I was able to get it moved up due to the condition of the road. The Broadway East Improvement project extends approximately two miles from Camino Seco to Houghton Road.

I asked the Transportation Department for an update on the project. Here is what they sent me:

Since the project began in September 2018, crews have been focused on the multiple layered underground components. Each underground line must be 100 percent complete before moving on to the next line installation. Currently, sewage lines are being installed along Broadway as old water lines are being removed.

This project, when complete, will have 11 underground storm drains running underneath Broadway, helping to alleviate flooding in this area. Over half of the drainage crossings have been installed throughout the project limits at this time. Crews are currently working on North Gollob Road, installing a new underground drainage structure, extending from Broadway to Appomattox Street. This work will continue until mid-October.

Base paving operations have been completed on the south side of the roadway from Houghton Road to Bonanza Avenue. The base pave on the south side of Bonanza Avenue to Harrison Road as well as Harrison to Camino Seco are both scheduled to begin in September.

At completion Broadway will be widened to four lanes, with the addition of bike lanes, landscaped medians, LED roadway lighting and a Hawk signal at Gollob Road. This project is on schedule and set be complete in January 2020.For more information:


The Arts Foundation for Southern Arizona is working with students from Palo Verde High School on a mural project on at the Palo Verde Pool. The planning, which involved people from both the Terra del Sol and Palo Verde Park neighborhoods, is done and they are ready to start.

The students will start work on Monday and will be out between 8 am and noon at 355 Mann Avenue. The public is encouraged to come out and see them work. The mural is expected to be finished in a few weeks, with a dedication scheduled for July 25th at 9 am.