Paul's Note - March 10, 2023

My staff frequently get questions about speedbumps. Recently, the transportation department made it a bit easier for neighborhoods to petition for them. Neighbors can also ask for them from their ward office. 

Each ward office receives five subsidized speed humps per fiscal year. Here in Ward 2, interested neighborhoods need to e-mail prior to submitting their application to request subsidized speed humps under the program. 

Although the speedbumps are subsidized by our transportation department, the usual thing is to charge a fee to neighborhoods that ask for them. I realized that the fee ($500 per bump) could be easily handled out of my office budget and I make sure it is taken care of to make this program accessible to more neighborhoods.  

We try to keep things as equitable as possible when considering an application in order to keep things as fair as possible with the W2 neighborhoods receiving subsidized speed humps. A request for five speed humps in one fiscal year from one neighborhood will not be granted. We’d like to make sure that as many neighborhoods as possible can benefit. 

The City of Tucson, along with other community partners, is leading a citywide clean-up effort. Everyone in the community can participate as a citywide team working together to clean up and improve this special place we call home. 

These community clean-ups are in addition to clean-ups done by the homeless work crews, Environmental Services and our Transportation Department. 

We have a community clean-up scheduled right here in Ward 2 on March 24. We will be working with other City of Tucson employees, Delta Sigma Phi and residents to clean up Owens Park Wash, located near 150 S Pantano Road. The clean-up runs from 10 am – noon. 

Click here to sign up and get more information. 

Join the Palo Verde Park neighborhood for their annual Park Fest! Whether you live in the neighborhood or not, if you're in the area and want to have some fun on Sunday, March 26th, stop on by. Park Fest will have live music, food trucks, and lots of fun activities for kids and families. See the flyer for more details or head to the Palo Verde Park neighborhood website: 

This Saturday, March 11th, we invite you to check out a wonderful Ward 2 nonprofit, Therapeutic Riding of Tucson (TROT) at one of their annual fundraisers, Horsin' Around. The event will be from 4pm to 8pm at 8920 E. Woodland Rd. TROT offers therapeutic riding lessons and activities to clients who may be autistic, have mobility issues, PTSD and a wide range of other disabilities and challenges. Find out more information about the event on their website: