Paul's Note - March 11, 2022

This week, my colleagues and I discussed easing mask mandates in city facilities. In line with this, I have decided to move forward with reopening my office. 

As some of you know, we have been open with limited hours on Mondays for a few weeks. I am expanding these hours to 9 am – 2 pm Monday thru Thursday. We will be open Fridays from 8 – 12. 

Like other city buildings, masks will be recommended but not required. We will make them available to those who want them. My staff, however, will be wearing masks when interacting with the public. 

Many of you use the neighborhood recycling center at the Ward 2 office and I’m glad that it’s available to you. Our recycling center also has glass collection available since we no longer do curb side recycling. 

The bins are for plastic bottles, carboard, aluminum and paper. 

However, despite the fact that the bins are all clearly labeled with what is supposed to be recycled, some of our irresponsible neighbors still feel that it is a place to leave trash. Somebody left a couch there the other day. 

This is unfair to the operators who do the pick-up and aren’t equipped to take things like this away, and unfair to the volunteers from Beacon that help with clean up. Bulky objects like this require a special trip by our Environmental Services Department, and that’s time that could be used helping move refuse from our neighbors that are following the rules. 

Congratulations to Ward 2’s Gridley Middle School for winning the state basketball championship. The Grizzlies beat teams from Tempe and Cottonwood before advancing to the final to beat Desert Sky 52 – 50. I was helping out on the bench for those games and it was incredible to see the determination of those young people. You Grizzlies make us proud.