Smoking Prohibited at Sun Tran Transit Centers

Beginning July 30, 2018, Sun Tran will prohibit smoking within public space at the three City of Tucson transit centers; Ronstadt, Laos and Tohono Tadai. Sun Tran will also introduce designated smoking areas for those passengers, visitors and other patrons who want to smoke/vape. The designated areas are intended to prevent smoke from entering into areas where smoking is prohibited throughout the public space and near bus entrances.
As governed by both state law and local ordinances, smoking is not permitted within 20 feet from public entrances, including bus doors. Designated smoking areas will be located at a reasonable distance separate from the non-smoking areas, and will include ashtrays and a shelter for shade. Currently, smoking is not allowed on public transit vehicles.
“Encouraging smokers to use the designated areas will allow for a healthier environment at our transit centers and for more people to enjoy riding the bus,” said Steve Spade, Sun Tran’s General Manager.
Signs will be installed at the transit center entrances, at numerous locations throughout each facility to mark the smoke-free and designated smoking areas, and on the bus doors. Security officers will monitor smoking at the transit centers and instruct smokers to use the designated areas.
The Arizona Smokers’ Helpline (ASHLine) has expert coaches and online services to assist people who wish to quit smoking. All Helpline services are free and available in English and Spanish. Contact the Helpline at 1-800-55-66-222 or visit
For more information on Sun Tran, call Customer Service at (520) 792-9222 (TDD: (520) 628-1565) or visit