TFD Transports Baby after baby submerged in bath

Tucson Fire paramedics transported a nine month old baby to a local hospital after the baby was left in a bathtub unsupervised.  The baby was placed in the tub with the water running when the mother left the bathroom.  It is unknown how long the mother was gone but the bathtub was overflowing when the mother returned and the baby was basically flailing in the water.  The baby vomited several times as she was being assessed by TFD personnel.  CPR was not performed on scene as the baby did have pulses but the baby was lethargic.   Paramedics transported the baby girl to the hospital for further treatment.  The call took place at an apartment in the area of Rosemont and 5th Street.  Tucson Police will follow up with the investigation in regards to how and why the baby was left unsupervised.     

This call is a stark reminder that active adult supervision is the best possible way to prevent any sort of accident around water when dealing with children.  Swimming pools, bathtubs, coolers, toilets, and anything else that can have water in it can be deadly for children.  There is never an appropriate amount of time to leave a child in water without supervision.